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Monday, May 9, 2011

Traci always in a fitstyle moment when it comes to beauty

Traci is alway in a FitStyle MOMENT she says with her inspiration to be founder and chief contributor to activities for changing the way many artists is in rights from their career to past unpaid wages to documenting their achievements of their successes.

" not sure why when some like ME are given as much credentials as any artist that is doing well that someone is not documenting it or the higher power forces upon.  In most cases we have to stand up for who we are in this world and what we are valued"

Many times many like Traci win so many titles and awards or nominations that it isn't as the worth as their lifestyle.  So many as she states put upon bad on her from their mistakes feel like she shouldn't have to take on their karma and the organizations that she earned should be forced to recognize the titles.

Many times we get these obstacles and in rights like because you work hard for the mission and maybe are involved with a different society.  Like many women who serve with military although not shooting at someone or maybe in a uniform they still serve and if they are stars in the regular life they need to be treated and valued.
Maybe not all of them only the ones who have for so many don't really do just do the part as what is needed but who actually go beyond the fitness I say and deserve the many millions of dollars as say a film actor or major label  it deserves to be so.

Why should we be any different ......if you are in one area fine but if you are universal then as like any star you should have the right to be leaving your legacy and aloud the same value as any other person that can afford a million dollar home.  Why not ME too.  and so when it comes to hard times and those who stole this from me it should be in my rights to enforce the unpaid wages and royalities.
and with this it is only fair for the free independents and if they are owed then lawyers need to award them and then get paid through that commission.  It is like working for a job.  If you win then it should be demanded and the world should honor it.
You work hard why be a slave to a country that you allow other to be free in and you deserve to be given that benefit back in monetize ways.

So when it comes to health and lifestyle it is only right to be SHOWING THAT YOU ARE DESERVING FOR GIVING IT NOT TAKING ALL.  and so when it comes to giving back it should be for the ones who did so much and like those who humbled for many years. why soldiers get their benefits some of us who are sponsored are taken advantage.  FITSTYLE  is more then info and health opps its about helping others get scene.

TO DONATE TO THE FITSTYLE GET A LIFE FUND  and be part of getting scene you can become a member WWW.FITPROLIFESTYLE.WEBS.COM 

compete to go pro and get back to life.

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