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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Traci working it out? book ,web and film

Traci has been working it out HARD.  With her quest to get back what lost and also raise money for HER association where she helps get people resources and SCENE.
This means of course finding ways for people who are not able to move and involved with other areas of life; allowing them other quests to GET SCENE.  With knowing who you are and allowing to be able to leave your achievements from this world into the new dimension.
Making it a goal to not only global but universal.
With her dissertation earning her doctorate.
CElebrating her book series and tour.

With this she has become a council member of the interfaith.  Allowing her ministry in social science and holistic health.
She was inspired as a catholic growing up always battling her gift as a child with knowing there was more to life...then what you see in your room.  That the earth and planets are so much bigger and we are so small. That if we were to ever become who we want to be and lift high and learn our power within we have to go beyond the fitness.

her book series is a web site to bring talent and writer in her series for support and also as an activist help others in self growth including herself.  To allow more ways of career in who we are and went to school for like film, music anything we want to be in a complete circle so we don't get lost. When asked about this she stated:  " I was always doing so much as a child growing mother would have me in so many things keeping me so I would be safe and never get off the path.
This is why I surrounded myself with many things.  When one is slow the other can be there for you.  And learning to apply it so you have balance.   With this it is important to understand your light of divinity.  When it comes to Love though or Money we find balance sometimes haves to be thrown in order for us to seize our goal. And others might get taken from what we don't see and control.
So it is time to take control.  And know what the answers lie through a plane of guidance.  And many times you have to listen but make own judgements.  Not all spiritual ways are the best but learning how to put it in one area and see how it works is such a neat experience and how to deal with it.  

With her only worldly experiences of other countries she feels so deprived and wants to be able to experience more in ways of travel.  With this some people just say stay put do one thing.
And she haves to go ....and that is the challenge.    There will be people who will try and do this....but if you learn to allow the gifts to come and help you with your responsibilities it can happen for you.

many ways are reading now through digital and music plays being rewarded to artists when not able and treated in the traditional job market.  And get involved in films and shows to audition online and be able to be treated still as credit.  With bringing more americans chances for other studios to help cut costs and allow work and grow the ecomony.  CAuse She feels she is productive financially she can spend and that is a great way to help economy. So helping with personal development so others can do the same to stimulate economy.  So her goal is to frame herself and be out there and being paid to be herself.  What does that mean?  We don't know but it might be from her past and in hopes that she can finally be out of hard times.  We wish cause it could really change the world?
could it..

book series 

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