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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Traci is acting...appears in a TV series similar to home

TRACI DEBUTS IN HER FIRST EPISODE and acting.  The series is director and founded by Bob Gebert who has directed , acted and writen in shows like THE OFFICE, MONK and most recent FREE AGENTS.  This is a major reality TV type but also has a twist.  The Story revolves around a town called Beckinfield.  And has many twist and turns of recent situations like earthquakes and storms.  The scenes are based on characters and locations of the town where teachers, local neighbors are being interviewed and scenes of weird things.  To include possible government coming to try and hide maybe the truth about what is really happening.
Traci plays in the most recent episode where a set of teachers show up in town dressed in the same outfits.

She is playing guess what ?  A educator / personal trainer.  Who has been called to so call be booked to help with a benefit fundraiser and setup an office.  Maybe do some projects.  But is there something more to her.
and we shall find out.  follow her on twitter to find out...

Also we here rumors that she was asked to play a similar character in a film project that involves US ARMY and the roles.  To include possible down the road lead parts involving police work or supernatural.

Lets see.  Hey is she getting PAID  I am sure she wants and hopes...anyways maybe there will be free tickets or premieres.  look for it.

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