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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Traci K rumored to be a superhero

OK this is something.  If it is the spoiler of the year coming.  But Traci K is maybe going from helping the heros to being on for this years films coming up.  There is a rumor that she has been asked to audition for Wonder Woman ...and also later working in with Iron Man 3 now this is something.
She has the definitely look of Linda Carter  and she is sexy and fit.   We came accross Lindas videos where she is like any hero a nerd...And Traci looks exactly like her in some of her photos.

This comes from a source on the agency independent featured
auditions regarding sending her an opportunitiy to work this year
and be part of films and tv series
She is already working on competing with a round three of the latest tv series
where it is sci fi celeb judging for a mass production that is possibly going to land a spot and be shown on networks.
Last year is was rumored of another film that showcased Megan Fox as being wonder woman then it seemed like it wasn't a go now this is another place where it will be shooting for several days
so we are not sure what type of series this is or film but it is wonder woman
stay tuned....

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  1. Wouldn't be Traci is kinda old for the role? Just asking. Don't be mad i know you are die-hard fan of hers.

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