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Thursday, February 14, 2019

Galentines Day for Traci K while promoting her book tour along with music

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Is Traci Kochendorfer the Next YouTube Sensation?

Traci Kochendorfer ( Traci K Beauty) Channel Officially  she is a fitness champion, actress, singer, supermodel and now a YouTube Sensation.  She got the idea by fans who wanted to know how she stays so young looking.   " It is a digital age and there is a need for content for mature beauty and fitness.  It is not for the young anymore.  Many models are hot at any age. Even in fitness , I see women who are even age 70-80 competing on stage.  They become the role models for the future.

Be that she just made #bestinternationalmodel for Glamour UK Awards with five stars.  She found that there maybe a way she can share.  " I am a private person so I am nervous about showcasing myself cause I always leave that for film , TV or singing.  Or put that into my designs for my Traci K Collection.  But I felt inspired by some ladies who say I should explore more into acting or getting myself out there.  Well it seems to be working cause her first video went and got viewed by over 60,000 views.    

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Traci Kochendorfer appears at the Movie Premiere Preview Party of The Old Man and The Gun starring Robert Redford

Premiere Party for "Old Man and The Gun" was downtown Dayton , Ohio where the filming took place in OHIO.  There were many other parts in OHIO that this film was also set.  Which was a treat for upcoming actress or extras to take part in the film.  Although it should be starring roles for the most popular in OHIO; which Traci has established from being Ms Ohio State 2018 to being a FoxSports OHIO Girl and two season with CWTV. Star.  It goes to show that the jobs are not really available like they say for those who come back from military life.  Traci K who should be starring in films filmed in OHIO was just a pedestrian in this one.  
to see more follow her on her Traci K Beauty YouTube.
her outfit was a pant suit with an attached cape.  She actually designed and made this out fit which was made by an expensive Italian Material.  Even her jewelry was made and designed by her.  Which included her makeup.  She showcases how she got the West Vintage Make Look for the party.
IN part the party was so nice even Hollywood would approve.  From Champagne, food coming out of the wall, to A human Dining Table that moved across the floor serving Shrimp Cocktail.  
The Movie stars Robert Redford who has been escaping jail all his life to find even at the old age he still has got it when it comes to robbing banks.  An american crime/comedy film in the 70's based on a true life story of Forrest Tucker,a career criminal and prison escape artist. ... It is Redford's final role, as he announced his intent to retire from acting in August 2018.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Traci K shares pics of her with her COMMEMORATIVE AWARD on her facebook

She become a member in 2010 with nominations with her first ever red carpet experience in LA while she was transitioning out from US Army Sponsorship in her part with production