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Monday, May 21, 2012

Traci K Shares about her first Kiss with Teen Seventeen

Traci gets on the Team Seventeen and shares about her first kiss to include also ansswer some of Teens tough questions in dating, attraction and etc.....  Traci nominated for hot 100 sexiest this year in two areas ..has of course released her Album " Fitness Fantasy"  this album include over 13 songs, she has a script book and workbook on Kisses and her songs, to include recently published a revised memorior book on Fitness Fantasy that includes photos, humor, gym shop talk, self help tests, tips and scripts to use in role playing along with games that can be shared with friends or close ones.

I really think this is amazing how she continues to push on her quest to be back on the sCENe...this happens to be a strong girl.....and it determined to get back her fans and tour again.  Last year her WorkingIt out tour was only in a few cities...and she waned to sing more also I heard but landed a lot of appearances and parties...this year she kicks off the ALL AMERICAN TOUR...with hopes to do not just more on her writing, singing but also movies...and events...I hope so here are some of the links to get in on the action...  although heart break and heart throbs all over the world..many have been sending her kisses ..along with a secret admiror who wishes her to come and be his wife..rumors of the NFL sexting or such hasn' t been in fact close encounters says she doesn'ttalk to him anymore...although we heard he has tried to reach her but she seems to be hard to reach even family is annoyed.  That is what writers do....I think I know... anyways she also has some other books coming out near the election time with connection to her own experience and maybe working with some movie projects...  to include going back to her original name which is like hard to pronounce but we got the Kardaschian name eventually so we can get this one..  It is good that she goes by Traci K.   demand her in your city.

to check out her new books online you can find them on lulu , goodreads and amazon...