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Friday, August 14, 2015

People Magazine Real Beauty At Any Age Search

Search is ON again for the Real Beauty at Any Age with People Magazine special issues
Traci K gets a feature with a sun kissed temporary glow in pink for the Special Issue.  With other women earning Most Beautiful NOWand Them along with Real Beauty Winners coming up for 2015
When asked Traci #timelessbeauty because I feel FAB over 40! 
She says in short phase Fitness and Music are her Go To.  
Will she make Let alone the 2015 40 category?  Real Beauty Features real women at any age  in Traci hopes to cross over into
The Most Beautiful.  Fans say YES!  She earned a spot in 2011 As one of the Most Beautiful People in the World of Health along with people like Jessica Biel and Dr OZ.  
 She stated she never saw herself as such when young she looked like a Nerd.   Shine Yahoo featured her along with Britney Spears in her nerdy look. She later understood how Health is important and is thankful that she has her health care now.   
write People as say yes to TraciK

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Traci celebrates birthday this month with Magic Mike and Ladies NIte OUT


sign her card  for a chance to win a gift.  We are not sure on the festivities yet.... rumor was by doctors ordered to try and do more activiities and socialize to deal with her health issues.  So Ladies NITE Birthday Bash with Premiere Tour and stars from the Magic Mike XXL and MTV VMAS/  is probaly going to be GREAT Therapy!!!!

Traci. movie has had pre production  and seeking more actors  in parts..she hopes to get some suppor but we are not sure since it require more support in filming  from community...MOVIE