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Friday, November 25, 2011

Traci K spends thanksgiving near troops

Traci K

p osted recently on facebook that she wasn't going to be with family but there was food. And to keep her in her thoughts. So in the latest Traci took the time to pledge for FITSTYLE recently at Ft Bragg, NC with also the interest in food. Although we are sure she had her own feast ...she was also asking to help with the latest still in the constant low end payment on settlements for military families like herself ....with millions of dollars being awarded to find little to share. This is included herself with since the recent crappy money payouts it has still not been enough and FITSTYLE NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT.

She is asking all of you to pledge for FITSTYLE. donate to help cover losses they and her went through. This is many like fighting for more on transitional support from military of years and independent artists and contracts.

This month is pledge for military families some of them are also athletes and artists.....and vets to their industry.

Like many who are free agent not signed struggle with the times and holiday not to include the latest over 3 declared storms and finances. She is demanding that they compensate and help reimburse for her association that suffered tremendous loss.....

in return pledging for FITSTYLE will help with this in support for further resources and also tools.
to do so you can buy going to here

and with other programs also help with getting more opps with work at home projects.  nominating your all star expert....and much more...

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Traci is accused of being ....

TOO PERFECT.  Lastest news on Traci K was the most recent articles on her latest fitness DVD and series.  The magazines FitStyle, Fitness Magazine, Fitness Model World and Soak posted her story and series iinfo and interview.  Later the PHOTOs were then posted on her fan facebook and the fans started commenting on her.
They were saying she looked TOO PERFECT  and that the photos have to be photoshopped.

We were waiting for her to reply and find out from the photographer  The photographer is out of north carolina and we are sure that from the recent research on this matter. That Traci is saying that they are not photoshopped at all.  It was the lighting and studio it was bright.  And we see the bikini she is wearing.  And we found the same photo but her turned to the backside.

And we see that wow they do look TOO PERFECT.  But I am sure that they say that to most fitness athletes.  but Traci does from what we asked she finds imperfections about herself.    TO CHECK IT OUT

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Traci is acting...appears in a TV series similar to home

TRACI DEBUTS IN HER FIRST EPISODE and acting.  The series is director and founded by Bob Gebert who has directed , acted and writen in shows like THE OFFICE, MONK and most recent FREE AGENTS.  This is a major reality TV type but also has a twist.  The Story revolves around a town called Beckinfield.  And has many twist and turns of recent situations like earthquakes and storms.  The scenes are based on characters and locations of the town where teachers, local neighbors are being interviewed and scenes of weird things.  To include possible government coming to try and hide maybe the truth about what is really happening.
Traci plays in the most recent episode where a set of teachers show up in town dressed in the same outfits.

She is playing guess what ?  A educator / personal trainer.  Who has been called to so call be booked to help with a benefit fundraiser and setup an office.  Maybe do some projects.  But is there something more to her.
and we shall find out.  follow her on twitter to find out...

Also we here rumors that she was asked to play a similar character in a film project that involves US ARMY and the roles.  To include possible down the road lead parts involving police work or supernatural.

Lets see.  Hey is she getting PAID  I am sure she wants and hopes...anyways maybe there will be free tickets or premieres.  look for it.

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

october is breast cancer awareness month...

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Traci K showing up in thigh high boots promoting her collection at Fashion Week

Traci K at fashion week all in sparks sneaking behind the paparrazzi.....but gotcha...
Traci K is known for messing that with like emmys weekend she decided to do the fashion week promoting her Traci K collection , music and stying with the all american look.  Here she is wearing an item that is half silk printed skirt attached to a jean top that makes it a dress.  The thing was the flowers on the dress match the Lipinski collection pendant she is wearing....hand made and crafted for her...

the thing was something happened you part there were tons of designers but there was rain she shows up and the rain stops...yet music was amazing with designers cause it was of the indies locals and remixes.. awesome....great to see this...supporting the check out her latest in music and 
all american  series..

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Is Traci K video too scandalist? yahoo said it was....


yahoo- " We received the article on OMG for content but we must decline to post this due to the content being sexually explicit.."

wander what the whole video is....
comment below

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Traci working it out? book ,web and film

Traci has been working it out HARD.  With her quest to get back what lost and also raise money for HER association where she helps get people resources and SCENE.
This means of course finding ways for people who are not able to move and involved with other areas of life; allowing them other quests to GET SCENE.  With knowing who you are and allowing to be able to leave your achievements from this world into the new dimension.
Making it a goal to not only global but universal.
With her dissertation earning her doctorate.
CElebrating her book series and tour.

With this she has become a council member of the interfaith.  Allowing her ministry in social science and holistic health.
She was inspired as a catholic growing up always battling her gift as a child with knowing there was more to life...then what you see in your room.  That the earth and planets are so much bigger and we are so small. That if we were to ever become who we want to be and lift high and learn our power within we have to go beyond the fitness.

her book series is a web site to bring talent and writer in her series for support and also as an activist help others in self growth including herself.  To allow more ways of career in who we are and went to school for like film, music anything we want to be in a complete circle so we don't get lost. When asked about this she stated:  " I was always doing so much as a child growing mother would have me in so many things keeping me so I would be safe and never get off the path.
This is why I surrounded myself with many things.  When one is slow the other can be there for you.  And learning to apply it so you have balance.   With this it is important to understand your light of divinity.  When it comes to Love though or Money we find balance sometimes haves to be thrown in order for us to seize our goal. And others might get taken from what we don't see and control.
So it is time to take control.  And know what the answers lie through a plane of guidance.  And many times you have to listen but make own judgements.  Not all spiritual ways are the best but learning how to put it in one area and see how it works is such a neat experience and how to deal with it.  

With her only worldly experiences of other countries she feels so deprived and wants to be able to experience more in ways of travel.  With this some people just say stay put do one thing.
And she haves to go ....and that is the challenge.    There will be people who will try and do this....but if you learn to allow the gifts to come and help you with your responsibilities it can happen for you.

many ways are reading now through digital and music plays being rewarded to artists when not able and treated in the traditional job market.  And get involved in films and shows to audition online and be able to be treated still as credit.  With bringing more americans chances for other studios to help cut costs and allow work and grow the ecomony.  CAuse She feels she is productive financially she can spend and that is a great way to help economy. So helping with personal development so others can do the same to stimulate economy.  So her goal is to frame herself and be out there and being paid to be herself.  What does that mean?  We don't know but it might be from her past and in hopes that she can finally be out of hard times.  We wish cause it could really change the world?
could it..

book series 

Monday, June 13, 2011

Traci finally getting her nails done for Muscular Dystrophy

As in hard times when you are out there trying to network for yourself in your career or needing some girl time.  This was it. For Traci's GIRLSNITE OUT CAMPAIGN ...the area news and in co sponsor with the Womach Army medical center.  The paparrazzi was out live on the PINk Carpet.  And the Divas were in the holiday bordeaux.  The local hottest place for coming together and checking out the latest in fashion, style and beauty,

With Traci showing up in an amazing dress of just the right flair for the pink carpet.  Her hair seems like it is cut but we found out she went from her latest tri color to the sleek auburn look with her style on the side should with hair flowing behind

her Dress was in pieced of design of Paisley.  Yes paisley.  Which is a great little twist for the nite out.

With paparrazzi and sample pink cocktails and chocolate covered strawberries of the seemed to be the favorite of the vendors.

In part Traci was taking part in browsing yet not featured in the event there were some stage info for fitness or  new workouts.   She was there to get in on the pampering of the manucure for muscular dystrophy.

Where supporting by donating for the cause.

follow now for the girls nite out campaign trial...donate by joining her campaign for $5 a month or $60 a year

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Traci voted as most beautiful people of Health in the World

The talk of most beautiful people in the world where FitStyle Magazine hottest up and coming magazine for health and style has put out their special summer issue with asking their followers on voting and nominating for the most who show beauty in health.  With a huge response they were after paneling of the members found that the top list around the world featuring amazing of all ages and not the usual so called fitness out there who clearly do not match overall in the feature.  Seeking all natural with nothing of copy and showing that they contributed in a world way to society and through their own lifestyle achievements

Traci was honored to be the most voted of the ones.

to check out the latest on the issue or order it you can HERE

Thursday, May 19, 2011

My love life is a battle ground but I am working it out

And insider stated that Traci is going through another battle when it comes to her love life.

with the war time and her recent nominations for a ton of events in music , arts and health she is trying to still pay the bills.  With the recent storm damages in the area where her one house is ; she has been trying to repair it.

so she has been trying to get enough from the long time marriage where the judge has not really awarded much. She went back to get more support and benefits from health and lifestyle economy issues.

With this the other party has tried several times to come back then was a threat to her well being and didn't really want to give anything.

She has been rumored that many suitors were in chase of her but couldn't handle with many she offering morale in times of the war and doing some tours to be there for soldiers in training.

But when it comes to her love life ....we were wandering about the rumors of all the engagement requests and about the recent news. Is she still married or is it still going.  I guess this might be a record of a divorce going on so long.

? My love life is a battle ground but I am working it out"  she said to an insider.  I enjoy my kitties right now.
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Monday, May 9, 2011

Traci always in a fitstyle moment when it comes to beauty

Traci is alway in a FitStyle MOMENT she says with her inspiration to be founder and chief contributor to activities for changing the way many artists is in rights from their career to past unpaid wages to documenting their achievements of their successes.

" not sure why when some like ME are given as much credentials as any artist that is doing well that someone is not documenting it or the higher power forces upon.  In most cases we have to stand up for who we are in this world and what we are valued"

Many times many like Traci win so many titles and awards or nominations that it isn't as the worth as their lifestyle.  So many as she states put upon bad on her from their mistakes feel like she shouldn't have to take on their karma and the organizations that she earned should be forced to recognize the titles.

Many times we get these obstacles and in rights like because you work hard for the mission and maybe are involved with a different society.  Like many women who serve with military although not shooting at someone or maybe in a uniform they still serve and if they are stars in the regular life they need to be treated and valued.
Maybe not all of them only the ones who have for so many don't really do just do the part as what is needed but who actually go beyond the fitness I say and deserve the many millions of dollars as say a film actor or major label  it deserves to be so.

Why should we be any different ......if you are in one area fine but if you are universal then as like any star you should have the right to be leaving your legacy and aloud the same value as any other person that can afford a million dollar home.  Why not ME too.  and so when it comes to hard times and those who stole this from me it should be in my rights to enforce the unpaid wages and royalities.
and with this it is only fair for the free independents and if they are owed then lawyers need to award them and then get paid through that commission.  It is like working for a job.  If you win then it should be demanded and the world should honor it.
You work hard why be a slave to a country that you allow other to be free in and you deserve to be given that benefit back in monetize ways.

So when it comes to health and lifestyle it is only right to be SHOWING THAT YOU ARE DESERVING FOR GIVING IT NOT TAKING ALL.  and so when it comes to giving back it should be for the ones who did so much and like those who humbled for many years. why soldiers get their benefits some of us who are sponsored are taken advantage.  FITSTYLE  is more then info and health opps its about helping others get scene.

TO DONATE TO THE FITSTYLE GET A LIFE FUND  and be part of getting scene you can become a member WWW.FITPROLIFESTYLE.WEBS.COM 

compete to go pro and get back to life.