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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Traci Kochendorfer along with other celebrities like Bradley Cooper, Kevin Hart show their thrilling excitement for the Philadelphia Eagles Championship

kissing the Football Trophy.  
While Traci K due to distance and weather along with too expensive for an indie artist met up with friends for Dinner and was hit with a big snow storm.   As the roads were bad making her way to finally watch the Champion Goal.   Here she is celebrating ....


It was a huge thrill for all those fans of the Eagles that clinched the Championship 2018 SuperBowl.
IN part in 2017 Traci K a popular indie artist was also in the Poll to be one who would maybe sing the National Anthem.  Yet it was Pink as always they pick main label artists but Traci K got to sing the national anthem for Ohio Players.

#BradleyCooper a Huge Fan kiss butt to the owner was in a comfy Box with his Baby Mama who has no clue on Football cause she is a Soccer Fan from her Ex. #CristianoRonaldo.  Tip:  Hook up with a Woman who is an Eagles Fan ( American)..LOL 
He seemed quite pleased just being with the Eagles Owner waiting for his hug.

While who hit the Big News and Big Boy Move was the best moment on this Game goes to #KevinHart who was determined to get a real kiss on that trophy and be on Stage.
Got to Hand it to HIM for Trying.

Actor Ryan Phillippe couldn’t help but gloat on Twitter, retweeting a previous statement he’d made about the Eagles winning with an added, “like i said.”
Congratulations to the Philadelphia Eagles on a great Super Bowl victory!

10:54 PM - Feb 4, 2018
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thanks Mr President Chief of Command .....