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Monday, July 7, 2014

Traci sparkles in Gold at SAFELINK movie Premiere

Traci sparkles in GOLD at the first Big SCreening of her Movie SafeLINK and spent time at the event with other filmmakers.  Getting a glimpse of allowing audience to come and buy tickets to check out the her film along with a Show Us YOUr Shorts featire festival provided many great fun and audience award turnouts.
With this Traci was paparazzi blocked in the parking lot.  She found herself getting a backup to get a glimpse of her pulling out after the event.  Security finally came and helped with her vehicle getting on its way after she called and a couple of girls nicely helped. 
To GET A DEMAND IN your city for the film and chance to be part of the feature film rumored to already have pre production untitled " Working it out" movie.