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Monday, September 22, 2014

Traci K with her Designs Star Sighting at the Womens Fair and FAshion Show

Traci was sighted to support Health and Fitness at the Ohio Area for Women.  Showcasing her Traci K Fitstyle Collection.  WhioTV displayed tons of Swag with Makeovers, Free Health Screenings, Sweet Treats Samples, Massages, Beauty Makeovers with Macy, and other stores,  Weekend Fashion Shows 

Ladies doing the dance to Win Gift Cards from Jewelers...  

Dance Floor and Food Section.  It was told Traci was on lookers at Comedy Shows VIP Private parties with some of the Top La and OHIO Comedians with FAshion and Music.  Her Music featured but was seen in Front Row checking out Bridal Fashion.  Not sure what that means cause nothing told of any Exclusive HOT Guy in sites.  This is a Mystery.