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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Happy Vet DAy with Traci and her All American Reality series

Traci did a photoshoot for the DVD web on demand series that was also featured in FitStyle Magazine and Fitness Magazine along with her nomination from IDEAFIT and fitness professionals who have reviews as top trainers known with workouts and series showcasing some of over 10 DVD parts in the series that is now available on DEMAND and can be seen and viewed on your home TV or Computer. 

Traci K Collection makes an appearance with Traci K at Mercedes FAshion Week NY to OHIO

October 2013-From New York from Cali to Ohio. Many designers came out in Cincinnati,Ohio to show off on the runway with the new Mercedes CLA 2014. Amongst them that made it but was struggling due to her trying to recover from her back was MTV artist, CWTV star Traci Kochendorfer with Fitstyle Magazine and models.  Cincy Chic hosted the event .  Traci K was greeted by new fans while checking out the latest fall fashion. Traci K just recently promoted her 2014 spring collection in NY although couldn't attend do to other things and has postponed her tour due to some medical issues.
Her new album for fitness club along wth Fitstyle has taken on the zumba enthusiasts.  She is also excited about her recent designs that sure will  be popular with the Fitstylers in Europe and spill over on  zumba followers.

Traci K with locals