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Monday, April 15, 2013

Traci's Rocks a Perm for shoot

Photo: LOVE THIS SHIRT has this new look.....with a perm and curls.   IN fact she post it on her twitter and facebook just the other day.  She looks HOT. 
She is going out for any look for a shoot that recently was to promote her new line of her
 TRACI K COLLECTION... which is the home collection.  She has several posts on different looks which display her new comfortable sheets, kitchen wear and bath....She posts " rocking a perm for the shoot" II:KE  IN most recent rumors there were some also photos posted of her kissing and quite intimate with a young buck and it was JUICY...  we are not sure of the mystery man but they were laughing and Traci was seen in HOT sexy sparkling outfit.    IN part also she was spotted with we are not sure but someone in  Dayton , OHIO where they were seen in a car and also at lunch...for a weekend.  WE are still not sure who this or those mystery men are.  But we got word that she has been talking to a CO STAR from her recently TV show CWTV  STAR that just ended this week.  With a new winner for also other cities on CWTV.  Traci is now involved with her shoot for a short FILM  called SAFELINK .  LIKE her page for a chance to win something from her collection.  GET 50,000 likes and start the giveaway.