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Monday, March 28, 2016

Traci Kochendorfer spends Easter with Family at Red Lobster in Beavercreek, Ohio

It was a sunny day and we get a first glimpse of yes this is Traci with her Twin Brothers Scott (Left) and Jeff (Right)  along with her Mother Sharon and her nephew and their father and if there were others we are not sure who else but they were laughing and enjoying themselves. Staff was saying they were. Traci seems to still be wearing a shoulder sling . There were chocolate Easter bunnies on the table for everyone too.  Shared photo follow her see on Twitter

Did you know Traci K actually was invited to Audition for American Idol and never heard back from them?

messaged her " you are pretty fit Traci"

Based on 
There were a lot of named already famed singers who actually auditioned for shows like American Idol, XFACTOR, AMERICAN IDOL.   AND WERE NOT CALLED BACK OR EVEN REJECTED ...
Traci was too invited in North Carolina some years back the story is it was an exclusive private audition.  
She was in a mobile type vehicle and sang her favorite song to the face time view inside.
She later took pics with others outside did an interview and then was asked to pick her favorite pepsi flavor to determine which would be the next pepsi flavor they would promote at the main audition on stage.  Her flavor actually got picked it was like dragon or something 
in part she got a free can of pepsi and then not sure if they couldn't get ahold of her or she just didn't hear from them.

in part she was one of them too.  She even a pepsi fan.  she says she could always see her singing with a pepsi.  her father is a big pepsi addict and she is too.  She tries to not drink it only on the weekends.  It seems to do something so refreshing it is weird she says.  As a former fitness champion she had to drink a lot of water and growing up she got POP as a treat.