Traci K

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Traci K spends thanksgiving near troops

Traci K

p osted recently on facebook that she wasn't going to be with family but there was food. And to keep her in her thoughts. So in the latest Traci took the time to pledge for FITSTYLE recently at Ft Bragg, NC with also the interest in food. Although we are sure she had her own feast ...she was also asking to help with the latest still in the constant low end payment on settlements for military families like herself ....with millions of dollars being awarded to find little to share. This is included herself with since the recent crappy money payouts it has still not been enough and FITSTYLE NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT.

She is asking all of you to pledge for FITSTYLE. donate to help cover losses they and her went through. This is many like fighting for more on transitional support from military of years and independent artists and contracts.

This month is pledge for military families some of them are also athletes and artists.....and vets to their industry.

Like many who are free agent not signed struggle with the times and holiday not to include the latest over 3 declared storms and finances. She is demanding that they compensate and help reimburse for her association that suffered tremendous loss.....

in return pledging for FITSTYLE will help with this in support for further resources and also tools.
to do so you can buy going to here

and with other programs also help with getting more opps with work at home projects.  nominating your all star expert....and much more...