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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Traci K showing up in thigh high boots promoting her collection at Fashion Week

Traci K at fashion week all in sparks sneaking behind the paparrazzi.....but gotcha...
Traci K is known for messing that with like emmys weekend she decided to do the fashion week promoting her Traci K collection , music and stying with the all american look.  Here she is wearing an item that is half silk printed skirt attached to a jean top that makes it a dress.  The thing was the flowers on the dress match the Lipinski collection pendant she is wearing....hand made and crafted for her...

the thing was something happened you part there were tons of designers but there was rain she shows up and the rain stops...yet music was amazing with designers cause it was of the indies locals and remixes.. awesome....great to see this...supporting the check out her latest in music and 
all american  series..

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Is Traci K video too scandalist? yahoo said it was....


yahoo- " We received the article on OMG for content but we must decline to post this due to the content being sexually explicit.."

wander what the whole video is....
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