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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Traci Kochendorfer recovers from injury and is Crowned 2017 Miss Social Network

It was a busy month for Traci K as she released with #fitstylemagazine another book and performance plan called #thecore

With an agressive Judging we are told put Traci K in competing against women around the world and up for yearly award.  She is excited about this new series perfornance plan along with other experts who contributed in support of association FPLA.

along with that she made a surprize appearance at the Midwest American Idol Auditions.
taking selfies and getting feedback from contestants who were nervous while in line.

Some were complaining how AI age discriminates although Traci K was there in support she took it upon to find out if there was age discrimination.   IN part some said she should be the next celebrity judge and was flattered to meet everyone ruiting them from her home state.