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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Traci flips back to shape after hospital scare

Traci was seen slipping in a workout day after a hospital scare. Now this girl doesn't do hospitals. But after a rumored nite of a severe anxiety or panic attack. She checked in with local Ohio ER. 

Nothing gets this girl fit down.  Coming out of a friends place was doing walks and sipping on water.  Taking it easy peasy.  She was spotted locally in her fitness apparell with sporty flip flips, striped workout pants and wearing a Kentucky Derby T Shirt.   Traci seems to have lots of jogging fit wear.  Her latest project she just did which is competing in major film competitions is her latest SafeLink .  A film showcasing on mental health and domestic issues..  Entering with Art with an Impact and and maybe airing on upcoming network.  Like anything of best therapy. what is safe in the minds of those who have suffered.