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Monday, October 24, 2016

Traci K the next amazing Soul Singer...VOTE

Traci K just put out her latest new music Video AQUARIUM  off her fitness EDM album and it is amazingly spiritually gracefully inspiring 

With this in mind she has been nominated to be the Next Dayton Soul Singer in OHIO and fans want her to perform live on stage with the Philharmonic Orchestra.  Traci in the 90's after her pop group Tre'Finesse which was one of the first all white girl group pop, R&B, wrap ( talk music) which showcased even some country pop that was way ahead of their time; toured on the east coast mainly with being in backgrounds open up with the ethnic groups like Cover Girls, Joe and Calloway ( I wanna be rich one hit wonder) .   Who made it possible for an open door to caucasians to be Scene in what was pro dominantly  Black or Latin.  After great push and pull claiming first girl group to actually transition from tape recordings to first ever CD.  They made it possible with Traci K breaking away to start her own sole Jazz Soul Band " Swing Shift"  

NOW maybe possible for fans to land some giveaway tickets if Traci K is picked as the Soul Singer for Ohio (Dayton)  and check her out on January 28 2017 with artist Gavin Hope and Jean N Classics.  GO VOTE watch

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Monday, October 17, 2016

Traci Kochendorfer on the Oct/Nov 2016 Cover of Fitstyle Magazine

14595751_1138638356189187_2467920891403368808_nTraci Kochendorfer graces again the cover with being the Ambassador for the BWC program…  Despite being a two-decade veteran in the fitness and reality tv arena never fails to find ways to reinvent herself and her career. After wrapping up CWTV star and then Global Rock Music Star …she went on to finish acting and filming to putting and turning the camaras on to herself  straight into series with coming into play for this year and coming up year ON PPV Prime  for our Modelween another shot at checking out Transition Phase Short Music Film and the ModelWeen shoot themed “ Harvest”  Traci K is a national former champion for the ModelWeen competitions that first started with OMP Magazine.  read more