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Thursday, May 19, 2011

My love life is a battle ground but I am working it out

And insider stated that Traci is going through another battle when it comes to her love life.

with the war time and her recent nominations for a ton of events in music , arts and health she is trying to still pay the bills.  With the recent storm damages in the area where her one house is ; she has been trying to repair it.

so she has been trying to get enough from the long time marriage where the judge has not really awarded much. She went back to get more support and benefits from health and lifestyle economy issues.

With this the other party has tried several times to come back then was a threat to her well being and didn't really want to give anything.

She has been rumored that many suitors were in chase of her but couldn't handle with many she offering morale in times of the war and doing some tours to be there for soldiers in training.

But when it comes to her love life ....we were wandering about the rumors of all the engagement requests and about the recent news. Is she still married or is it still going.  I guess this might be a record of a divorce going on so long.

? My love life is a battle ground but I am working it out"  she said to an insider.  I enjoy my kitties right now.
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